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  • The Best Investment Ever!

    “The Nylon Waterproof Dust Cover I recently purchased ended up being the best investment since a ceiling leak was occurring in my basement splashing right on my covered printer, protecting it the entire time from getting wet.”


    Ivan - Customer

  • The Best For Protecting Our School's Computers

    “The Covers that we got from your company came at just the right time as school was about to be out and we needed to protect our printers in storage for the next 3 months. After 3 months, the covers were removed and their was literally no dust AT ALL on the printers. Our Librarian was impressed.”


    Marcela - Principal & Customer

  • Excellent for Long-Term Storage

    “Our company's printers were going to be moved into a temporary storage location and needed dust covers to protect the printers from dust accumulation. Over a year later, the printers were removed from storage and looked the same way they did when they were first put in. Great job!”


    George - Business Owner & Customer

  • A Durable Product that LASTS

    I ordered several covers to prodcut my offices industrial printers and every day after a long day of use, we would cover the printers.. we did this every day for about 2 years so far and not one tear or scratch on them. Thats what I call a good purchase!


    Alessandra - Customer

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The Perfect Dust Cover is the only place that you can get the most comprehensive selection of dust covers available for your printers. We have a large variety of covers, covering many different brands, models and colors to select from.

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